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Spare inventory storage and offering parts fulfillment can be costly and difficult. MSPT's Logistics Management service can be a financially intelligent alternative to erecting and maintaining your own warehouse.

Our remote logistics center in North America provides a simple solution for businesses who don't want the expense and stress of housing and overseeing surplus merchandise.  MSPT's service means protected locations, established processes, and trained staff, all eager to accept, store, and ship your hardware and parts.

We will receive your inventory, stock the parts, and send out the parts as they are requested. Spares with same-day (where available) or second-day SLAs are stored in safe local sites. Replenishment parts for the local depots and spares with Next Business Day (NBD) SLAs are kept in our protected central distribution location.


In the event of equipment failure, it is crucial to have spare parts available. MSPT's Logistics Management services will:

  • Minimize your infrastructure investment relying on the security of our logistics centers

  • Maximize availability of needed parts through local management
  • Enhance overall effectiveness with automatic replacement and inventory access via the Web

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of a relationship with MSPT.


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