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We specialize in computer repair, installation, and support for business owners in Los Angeles, New York, DC and Chicago.

Our typical customer has 5 or more workstations, in a single or multi-office setting, and relies heavily on e-mail, the Internet, and their computer network for running their business. Our clients hire us to support their network because they do not want to incur the overhead and cost of a full-time IT staff, and they don’t want to burden their employees with the responsibility of troubleshooting the company network.

We are most successful in working with clients that:

  • Demand reliability and security from their computer network.
  • See technology as a power tool for increasing productivity and gaining competitive advantages.
  • Want a technology partner that will act as a trusted advisor and seek to improve the productivity, profitability, and operations of their business through technology.
  • Are willing to invest in technology to improve communication and eliminate manual tasks.

Here’s what our clients have to say about us:

"Thank goodness we signed up for the free audit MSP Technologies was offering! They discovered a major flaw in our backup system, cleaned up some spyware we didn't even know we had, and helped us solve a number of problems. Plus, their MSP Technologies Network Support Program is exactly what we've been looking for. You'd have to be crazy to say no. I urge you to call them immediately!"

L. Tafuri
Owner, Tafuri & Associates Accounting, LLP
Huntington Beach, CA
(626) 826-5942

"CRISIS SITUATION! A nasty virus killed our server which ran QuickBooks Pro so that no one on our network was able to use it. Without our QuickBooks we were dead in the water. We called Norton Anti Virus, 5-6 days later they told us that they were unable to fix it and returned our money. Then we turned to MSP Technologies. The technician came over and fixed our computer the same day, reinstalled the operating system and got QuickBooks up and running perfectly so that our employees could access it. The technician even networked our printer saving us time and money."

R. Lee
Lee Brothers Truck Body, Inc.
Gardena, CA
(310) 532-7980

"We could not conduct business! MSP Technologies responded quickly and with excellent results!!! One of our ex-employees changed our Windows XP Administrator login and locked us out of our Cash Register and Coffee Shop Management program so that we could not take credit cards or conduct business efficiently and effectively. A MSP Technologies technician came over within two hours of calling them and reset our computer password so that we could use our system once again. Thanks MSP Technologies!!"

C. Carano
Planet Earth Eco Cafe
Hermosa Beach, CA
(310) 318-1888


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