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Time is money. MSPT's Staging and Configuration services provide you with peace of mind knowing that your network components will work together as planned. By eliminating dead on arrival (DOA) problems and compatibility issues, your installation can be completed without delay.

MSPT's Staging and Configuration services helps you reduce the threats associated with your installation by verifying and assembling the components prior. We do this in a controlled laboratory atmosphere before delivering to your facility. Our skilled workforce will check the network design, configure and program the equipment in accordance with your wishes and conduct diagnostic certification to guarantee the operability of your network equipment. We also provide full documentation of the process, which includes system diagrams and descriptions, cabinet layouts, cable diagrams, network database, and site inventory information that will be invaluable during installation.


MSPT's Staging and Configuration services will:

  • Minimize all on-site labor costs by reducing installation time
  • Eradicating the dangers of non-functioning/DOA equipment throughout the installation process
  • Employ pre-assembly to protect against delays, involving verification that all mechanisms are tested prior to site delivery

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