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Telephone users take so much for granted.  And instead of the occasional expected service interruptions with cell phones, it is assumed that the office phone will always function properly. Regardless of whether you're operating a pilot program or have installed an enterprise-wide IP Telephony (IPT) solution, the ongoing operation of your IP Telephony environment must be diligently managed for prime effectiveness.

MSPT's IPT Management service provides remote monitoring for all the necessary elements within your IP Telephony arena. These services, carried out by our Managed Service Center (MSC) can greatly expand the dependability and success of your IPT environment.

Our team uses management tools to follow the core workings of your Cisco IP Telephony solution, which also means the call processing, signaling, and connection services servers.  MSPT also tracks the functionality and availability of underlying factors of your solution like the SQL database, underlying operating system, and packet telephony network devices. If a predictable or current issue is discovered, alerts will notify the appropriate IT staff/service provider to take action.


Voice services are essential to your business. Our service will:

  • Secure your business operations by guaranteeing dependability of all components of the Cisco CallManager infrastructure
  • Eradicating possible and actual complications quickly with automatic problem-solving actions that do away with expensive downtime
  • Consistently enhance the performance of your IPT environment with regular analysis and feedback from our IPT team

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