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A site survey is the vital first step to any successful project. Whether implementing or enhancing a wired or wireless network, it is crucial to assess potential risks and rewards. The ability of your facility to handle the task at hand is one important factor to consider, among others. At the very least, confirmation of available and correct connections must occur, also making certain that the needed rack or floor space is available, and that you have proper access to power. In regards to wireless implementation, you must have an in-depth analysis of your facility to assure the placement and number of access points ready to provide the required coverage throughout the entire facility.

MSPT's Site Survey services can protect you against any on-site delays by detailing important information before action is taken. Our field engineers do the preparatory work necessary in order to alert you of any possible dilemmas that could create problems with your installation.


Unprepared sites can result in extended implementation time-frames and additional costs. MSPT's Site Survey services will:

  • Minimize your risks by assessing your site and identifying any issues that need to be resolved prior to implementation

  • Save you time and money by ensuring a successful implementation the first time

  • Improve the time it takes to realize your return on investment

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