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Monday, 30 August 2010 18:21

MSP Technologies offers a full line of computer and network security services. Our network engineers can perform a security assessment of your data network and point out any potential vulnerabilities you may have. We can then offer our security services to prevent data loss, theft, and malicious users from gaining unauthorized access to your network.

In today's world a business can not afford to leave their network vulnerable to attacks. With all the new technology and software that is freely downloadable from the web a person can literally break into a network in just minutes. Any person with this intent can simply go to You Tube, watch a video on how to crack into a wireless network, run some freely downloadable tools and gain access to most office networks in ten minutes or less.

With our security services you can protect your data while maintaining a secure, stable, business network environment.

To see just how easily someone can gain access to a typical insecure office network, please watch our video below.

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