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Can my computer be hacked into and can my information be stolen???

If the answer you discover is yes, then you have a very serious problem and are a prime candidate for identity theft.

What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and EVERYTHING was gone, your money, your identity, your critical business data, financial records, customer database, medical records, legal documents, employee records with socials, all of it stolen or deleted?

If you are running a business, your problem is even worse because of federal compliance laws like HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley that can fine you over $1 million and put you in jail in addition to you losing your critical files, and receiving negative publicity, which causes customers to no longer do business with you. 60% of companies that lose their data, file for bankruptcy. Also you are 16x more likely to lose your data to a hacker than you are to a virus. The threat is very real and over 2/3rds of wireless networks are vulnerable to what I am about to show you.


1. Locate your wireless network on the map below
Note: map may take a few minutes to load, there are tens of thousands of networks on this map. Use the controls on the left to zoom in to your area to see if it has already been scanned. If not, we would be happy to scan your area for vulnerable networks. Just give us a call.

Enter your address:

Networks That Are Vulnerable To:

SelectMarkerAttackBreak-in TimeVulnerable Networks% of TotalLocationAccess Gained
Type I10 Minutes58,70334.48%Los AngelesFull Access
Type II30 Seconds to Several Years50,01129.38%Los AngelesFull Access
Type III3 to 6 Hours31,94518.76%Los AngelesFull Access
Type IV15 Minutes2,1581.27%Los AngelesPartial Access
Open NetworksAnyone Can Access24,66914.49%Los AngelesFull Access
Secure NetworksUnkown2,7431.61%Los AngelesNo Access
TotalVulnerable Networks:170,22998.39%Los Angeles97.12% - Full Access

For more in depth searches and data analysis Click Here

2. Look for the colored marker associated with your network.

If your network is Yellow CALL US IMMEDIATELY. Your network can be hacked into in under 10 minutes and we can prove it! A hacker can easily steal all of your files as well as record every keystroke you type on your computer while you do things like online banking and online purchases with credit cards If your network marker is red then you are more secure, but if your network password does not contain the proper characters or if your password is not an appropriate length, you can still be hacked into. If your network appears as green and is not intended to be an open network that anyone can access without a password then you have a serious problem as well and should call us immediately.

3. Call us at:


We will come out to your location and help you properly secure your network against hackers. .

As you can see this is a wide spread problem, there is an alarming amount of yellow markers on this map, mamy of them businesses and ALL of them able to be hacked in under 10 minuutes. This is why hacking has become the number one source of data loss and why identity theft is skyrocketing. Yellow networks are vulnerable to Hackers breaking in and stealing or deleting EVERYTHING.

If you are vulnerable, don't worry you are not alone and we can help.


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